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nice movie is nice

this is a hot stuff.. A very good work indeed.
And you have a very nice theme there. (twilight) A very funny parody
and *cough* ihatetwilight *cough*

actual size sticker ftw

im now in love with your works.. job well done!

LOL loving this

this was very good and funny. Also, creative.
And yeah. Linux ftw

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Change the wave number

Gameplay - cool.The weapons and money incomes are great as well. But i dont like how in each, increasing level we had 1 additional wave. Makes the game a little boring timewise

Artwork - i like the little earth animation whenever we move our mouse. Gives a 3d looky kinda thing. The bugs could be better though

Music selection - nice choice. brings my gaming mood up!


change it. sounds like a horrible fl studio stuff.

Done quite well, may need some improvement

Gameplay - decent. i like how each emotion has different attitude and behavior; it truly brings variation to the game. But i don't like how our bullets travel so slow, causes too much misfires.

Artwork - needs more fx to the dying faces (?). Because it sorta looks like the faces disappear just like that when they got shot.

Music - For a light game such as this, try to bring some more, ambient, less tense music perhaps.

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hot stuff

One of the best hip hop music i ever heard.
What i like about this song is, the music is not too repetitive. Very nice.

i like this.

a lot.

flashmac responds:

One of the best? That means a lot man. Thanks

oh my...

first of all, lemme say that this song PAWNS. deffinetely one of my favourite here in newgrounds. My favorite part is the first part of the piano and around 01:01 when the epic melody starts. oh wait, i take that back. i love all the parts in this song. anyway im looking forward to your next work!! keep up the OSM work!!

Jo128 responds:

Im happy because your favorite part is the piano. Let me tell you that Im a pianist lol, dont be surprised if you listen to piano in some of my songs hahaha.

wondering on why no reviews

seriously. this stuff is hot.. i like it very much.
the drums are great, the piano as well. thks for sharing

VannillaBear responds:

No idea why its gettin no reviews o_O but thanks for being the first ^_^


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